We always return to nature. Faced with a world in flux, a redecoration to humanity and optimism is defiantly courageous.

Artists across the centuries have observed nature, investigated its materials, and abstracted its patterns and shapes. From William Morris to Louis Comfort Tiffany— seeking answers in the wild, and through their personal practices of gardening, enriched their creative output and inspired movements. To create environments in which form, function, and fine craftsmanship have the ability to positively impact our everyday lives through our homes.

As Californians, we are the travelers who voyage to the edge of possibility. We are the ones guided by the utopian human impulse toward self-discovery.

Those of us who live in Los Angeles are drawn to its beautiful contradictions. LA is a wonder, a rose-colored lens; a city of dreamers living between a picturesque coast and a bustling engine of creativity and enterprise. We live at once between the real and surreal.

We seduce sun-chasers around the world to travel to our hills and to our shores. To bask in the immersion of warm light is cleansing. Our soil promotes creativity to blossom. Our lifestyle products are a treat to retreat in…Woody and floral compositions inspired by the everyday beauty of living in this golden state.

August Abode is a moving portrait of California life, an invitation to reconnect with the allure of nature as the gateway to our purest state of imagination.

From our sun-drenched open skies, infinite beaches, and majestic mountains, our inspirations come from a pursuit of an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Our work blurs the sounds of a gentle coastal breeze and the swaying hum of a life well lived at home.

As Stefani Stein, designer and founder of August Abode shares, “Childhood memories of California Summers are an ever-present source of inspiration in my designs. The scent of the sea, the fluttering of Monarchs in the sky of an endless day. The garden is my mood board, my perennial conversation.”


Our Founder

Founded in Los Angeles in 2019 by designer Stefani Stein, August Abode a moving portrait of California life.

She developed the artisan-made home collection, drawing inspiration from the beauty of living in the golden state. Her designs are a compilation of relaxed and refined statement essentials, infused with the West Coast spirit of endless summer.

Stefani's expertise and designs have appeared in Architectural Digest, AD Italia, Domino, Elle Decor España, Homes & Gardens UK, Introspective, & more.

She was has also been awarded California Home + Design's - Rising Star & LA Times - Top 25 Interior Designers.